Thinking of Home

Yesterday had some tinges of the truly surreal. I am missing my family back home, and they were gathering in honour of my mom’s birthday. I connected with the over the phone briefly, but that’s not the same as actually, you know, being there. I’ve seen some of them since I got here of course; my sister was living with me until last fall, my parents have been to visit, as did my oldest daughter, an uncle, a cousin, and several friends. At times, however, the pull from home is really strong. I would love to show up out there for a couple of weeks this summer, and it just isn’t going to happen because I start a new job in a few weeks. Not totally new, but a great promotion, and the summer is going to fly by.

Maybe next year guys!?!

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Lynda said...

I would love for you to show up too!! I am missing you to the EXTREME. We'll be together again though you can count on it!!