Book Launches to The World!

The push to share Wake Up Live the Life You Love Empowered with the reading world went very well last week. With about 50 authors, including some really fascinating coaches (okay, me), a man who blows square bubbles (Geoff Atkins), a co-authors from Wake Up Women (Melinda Day Harper), and several highly public and recognized teachers of inspiration including John Assaraf, Michael Beckwith, and Brian Tracy. There’s even a little tidbit in there from Wayne Dyer.

The word empowered has taken a beating over the last several years. It’s been debated in PhD dissertations, and I recall last year there was a debate in Britain about removing it from common English usage, or something like that, because it is confusing. I remember the haranguing going on because it was taking place at about the same time that my chapter was being submitted. The debates fascinated me because in older usage, empower meant to pass power to someone. It’s a verb. Nowadays, in the self-help industry in particular, it has become a buzzword, referring to giving people there own power. I don’t see anything wrong with that at all. I think that the more aware people are of their own value, their gifts, their ability to serve and strengthen others, the better off we all are. As such, the book hit the marketplace last week in what we call a “push” with the marketing team and individual authors getting the word out and selling the books from the Barnes and Noble website. We made it to #4 on the Bestsellers list, and #1 on the Self-Help list. Not bad for a little book!

There really is a wealth of information, advice and insight here.


Lynda said...

My copies are in the mail and I can't wait!!! I am looking forward to getting my mitts on it and locking myself in a room with it.

Pam Robertson said...

Glad to hear that your book has arrived safely Lynda. I hope that you enjoy it! xo