There is a theme of loss countered with renewal going on for me right now. A sense of energy through the changes at work, but tempered by heart wrenching and unexpected loss. Two unrelated deaths that have really rocked people who are huge parts of my life, and it’s hard to find words that will meaningfully convey comfort to my loved ones . My expressions of love and condolence that I extend do not feel quite as though they are reflecting the full weight of my emotion when I say them, but words are all that I have since none of the people affected are close enough to actually, physically be with right now. Were I closer, I would do all those kind hearted comforting things people do at a time like this – many of which revolve around food (cooking, baking, preparing for others and sharing it), and some which involve providing a shoulder, offering a hug, or sharing a look. Those things are harder to do over the phone. Sometimes, even for someone who writes and has a pretty good grasp on language, words fall short.


Lynda said...

Even though you are physically far away your loving energy was felt by those that needed it from what I was able to see.
I love you Sis. xoxo

Pam Robertson said...

I love you too Lynda, and think of you often. Thanks for your note here. xo