Sleeping Remedy

On April 22, I announced I was promoted at work and taking on a new job, so if you’ve wondered about the boom of silence on here, dear reader, that was it. I am now well into my transition, having spent about several weeks of overlap between the two jobs, and quite enjoying the adrenaline rush, the learning and getting myself immersed in the newness. One unexpected bonus is that I am sleeping like a log at night – so much going on in the daytime, that my head and heart are full, and zonk! I’m out like a light!


Lynda said...

Wow that's so awesome!! I need to get me some of that 'zonk' time.

Pam Robertson said...

There are - remarkably - more folks with trouble sleeping than I would have suspected a few years ago. It's interesting, and worth keeping an eye on. I hope you are zonking well these days!