Darned Groundhog Day Had Me All Excited

If you were faithfully hoping that the groundhog was right this year, you won't like this blog post. We had a significant storm blow through here last night. When the lights went out during the suppertime news I figured they'd be back on soon enough and didn't get too excited about it. I did a little knitting, but that's not that fun by candlelight, so then I gathered the candles and a flashlight around the piano and had an Alfred Hitchcock type of recital. Dark and creepy but with terrific music going on. After I wrapped up the set, I decided to peer out the windows and see what was going on. In addition to my building, the funeral home and the library, I could see that there were more buildings affected. The occasional flickering candle in a window, the streetlights on, but apartments and businesses in the dark. I pulled out my ukulele and started to fool around with that and sing a little. The cat, who is named Allegro because of her own musical voice, has no affinity for music making at all, looked at me in disgust and headed off to bed.
Well, how much can you really do when the lights are off and no one else is home, I asked her retreating highness. I am not about to play Yahtzee by myself. Slightly offended by the cat, I updated Facebook and LinkedIn from my phone, and then sat at the window, storm watching some more and thinking. The poor guy walking in long strides, his jeans whipped tightly around his legs as if the wind is encouraging him to get back inside, while he fights hard against it to reach the windbreak provided by the bus shelter. The traffic sign that the power guys had erected earlier in the storm that had blown over and was repeatedly run over by people brave enough to be driving around out there.
Thinking some more, moving into meditation and thinking about life, work and what I do. Where I am going and how I intend to get there. The wind continued to battle the building and the cat roamed around restlessly. When she started clawing at my dresser (why she would do that I have no idea, except that some voice on the wind might have been telling her to) I decided I had thought long enough, and it was time to pack it in.
This morning, things look much nicer outside. It's cold, and we're still at the receiving end of some stiff, bracing wind, but the sun is shining. Apparently there are still plenty of families without power (5700 customers at last report in Nova Scotia, something like 8500 around Moncton, NB), and one friend reports that the top blew off her chimney.
Weather. Winter. Damn groundhog was wrong.

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