At Dalhousie

I’m sitting in the student union building in Dalhousie for a second time this week. My son is writing an exam and since it’s the weekend and the buses are not to be counted on at this time of the week, I’m supposed to be sitting here working while he pens his way through an exam. Except that I have been distracted by the potential for a couple of blog posts rather than working, and since it’s the weekend, I win!
There’s been a huge number of students file past my post on the edges of Tim Horton’s, where I found a table next to a plug-in. There is a little bit of snow fluttering outside and so the students are filing by wearing  everything from shorts and hoodies to winter coats and scarves. I am more of a scarf person myself except that I didn’t really think about the temperature before I left home. I don’t like being cold one little bit, and forgot that we’d probably have to park a little farther than I like to walk in the cold. I know I shouldn’t complain because it is only just below the freezing mark, but jeez, it sure does penetrate.
Earlier this week while I was here there was a mouse that went darting across the floor. I haven’t seen anything untoward yet today, although it is far noisier where I am sitting today. They could all be hiding.

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