On Writing

I’m back to writing full time. I am so lucky! As part of my new schedule I am trying to work in a time when I will also work on some creative writing, because I know if I don’t schedule it I won’t get it done. Some of you probably hate scheduling creative writing time, but I am obliged to fulfill my employment contract, which has me writing for 8 hours a day (which is frequently more like 10 and even 12 hours), and without scheduling the fiction writing, I will never get at it. I’m too pooped at the end of the other stuff, and I really do need to make sure that we eat. 

I have tried to set myself up at a coffee shop from time to time – don’t all good writers do that? Crack open their laptop, sip a latte and have prose slip effortlessly from their fingertips? That is not a great method for me, I find. Firstly, those lattes are bloody expensive, and often times they’re laced with sugar, which is not good for me. Plus, nobody makes a chai tea like the place I used to visit in Edmonton, where they actually put the spices in your tea instead of using a bag that is labelled chai, but tastes on the soggy side of wretched. The tables in the coffee shops are not that comfortable; they lack the ergonomic correctness of my much loved desk at home. And the chairs are hard. 

I know as well as all of you that they really do not want writers (or anyone else) sitting for too long a time at their establishment, unless you are drinking a very steady influx of magical seven word coffee and somehow compensating them for tying up a table. Like the colours of fast food restaurants in the past that used to provoke us to gobble down our food and get out so that another happy customer could have the space, the coffee shops are not big on long visits. 

It’s too bad really, because they could be an ideal place to do a little more character study work. There are many fascinating folk who visit and work there.

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