Vancouver Riots

Riots followed the Canuck loss of the Stanley Cup last night. To me, this action demonstrates what a fragile hold we have on life. It reminds me of when I crashed my car several years ago, when a faster reaction could have avoided the whole problem, but just as the crash showed me how fragile life is, and how quickly it can change. In a moment, a balanced, secure, everyday circumstance transitions to a frightening circumstance, where afterward, nothing will be quite the same.

I’ve seen sports riots before. Edmonton had their experiences of them when I lived there, and they are all equally ridiculous. Sporting events are not worthy or rioting. Being stupidly drunk is not an excuse for rioting, vandalism, or assault. This morning, as shop keepers start replacing glass, burned out cars are towed away, The Bay dries up (and by the way, it’s very UNCANADIAN to attack The Bay, even if it is no longer a Canadian store). This year it’s particularly easy to look at shifts in government, civil war, and poverty as being worthy of rioting and united people standing for a cause. That I understand.

A cynical part of me thinks that the size, alcohol consumption rate, and excitement of the Vancouver crowd would have resulted in riots even if the Boston Bruins had not outplayed the Canucks and won the Stanley Cup. People were in a riot state of mind, and poised for getting things started.
And in case you are wondering, I don’t think that the rioters should be referred to as Canuck’s fans. They are hooligans, and ought to be ashamed of the way they treated Vancouver, and Canada, on account of a hockey series.

I want to congratulate the Bruins on a series that was, in the end, theirs. With Halifax’s close affiliation to Boston, and the fact that Bruins’ Brad Marchand is from here, there are lots of good feelings here today and we’re looking forward to seeing the Stanley Cup when he comes back for a visit. In the meantime, my heart goes out to Vancouver as clean up efforts get into full swing right about now. 

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Maria Unrau said...

You're right, the rioters were not Canuck fans but only agitators that took advantage of an opportunity. I hear that the police are asking people with pics or video to come forward in an effort to identity the looters. I hope they catch them and that there is no mercy from the courts.