Do you hate your job?

Do you hate your job? You’re not alone, even though you might get that way if you keep complaining to everyone you meet that your job makes you miserable! Lots of people hate their jobs, and if you want to know how many, ask your boss what the most recent results of the engagement survey say. 

I’ve seen reports for different industries say that up to 60 and even 80% of people in a certain industry are looking for a new job. Huffington Post quoted a Manpower study from the end of 2010 that said 84% of working people they surveyed planned to find a job in the new year. That post is located here. You might think these numbers are a stretch, until you stop and consider your friends. 

Do you like your job? Tolerate it? Hate it? Do your friends like their jobs? We tend to hang around people who feel the same way that we do, and so you might be a very fortunate person who loves their job and works with people who feel the same way. Then again, you may be among a group of peers who cannot stand what they are doing.

As people, we are social animals. We tend toward other people, not away, or at least not all of the time. It can get pretty lonely though if you are constantly complaining about your job (or your spouse, your children, your budget, and so on) and while people will sympathize for a while, it can be wearing on them to become your career or life coach. Try to work on your happy vibe – or at least a contended thought – and focus on things that are going well. Small things that make you feel good, even if it is something small. Finding happiness isn’t about being over the top happy all of the time; it’s about celebrating the things that make you happy one at a time.

What's your happy thought? 

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