Job Searching 101

I am anticipating a higher than usual demand for job search services over the next few months. With the inflation rate continuing to go up (highest place in Canada right here in my backyard, Nova Scotia), and consumer costs with it, there is one way to get a raise in pay when no one else in your company is getting one. Change jobs, and negotiate yourself a new deal. 

Of course you could also take on a part-time job for some additional income, or start some consulting work on the side if you’ve got something to offer. 

Scared? Got lots of seniority where you are? Lots of questions? Then you may decide to stay where you are, of course. Lots of people do stay, but my sense is that over the next 12 months there is going to be an increase in people starting to look and then making the leap. 

What’s the best way to start if you are still attached to your job? Do you quit your job then start to look (not highly recommended if you can avoid it)? Do you move to the city of your dreams then start (it can help to have a local address – do you know someone there who can help you out?)?
I receive several serious coaching requests a month, and usually have a few people who are “feeling things out” and not quite ready to move, but they are engaged in some pre-planning. They are extending feelers, updating their resume, and may make a couple of jabs into the job market, but aren’t ready to start looking full time. 

Full time, that’s right. A search for a full time job is a full time effort, so you’ll need to be ready to pull double shifts to find what you want, but it’ll be worth it as you create a future that you want, and link with work that has meaning for you, or will at least pay the rent. 

Somewhere I read that you can expect to take about 2 weeks of searching for each $10k of salary that you are looking for. You also need to start drafting cover letters, update your resume, and touch base with all of your references before you can say that you have started. But wait! If you create a resume that is just like everyone else’s how will you stand out from the crowd? When it comes to resumes there are rules, and then there are rules that should be broken. Keep your eyes open for my next post, which will be about creating your resume, and what you can do to make it easy on yourself.
In the meantime, if you are part of a creative industry, or want a cool way to showcase yourself, have a look at these smart resumes that make the most of social media
and some interesting digital ones


Maria Unrau said...

Wow! You opened up my eyes (and mind) to what's new resumes. Not just the print kind only but also what can be done with digital. That just blew me away. If you were vying for same job as a 100 others, these digital works would make you a standout. I the least, I think you would get to the interview shortlist, after that it's up to you. I've bookmarked all the sites you listed. Definitely a keeper!

Pam Robertson said...

Thanks for your feedback Maria! Things really are changing, and I love the creativity that is coming through resumes - so many ways to get the news out there and yet still sharing the essential message of who we are and what we can do.