Hello Dear Reader,

It used to be that if I had a stack of old books, I could get rid of them quite easily because few people say no to the gift of a book, even a used one. When my kids were young, we donated over 200 books to their school library, which was a huge amount of fun. Beyond that, my old hometown actually boasts a still thriving chain of used bookstores called the Wee Book Inn where you can sell your books for real money or get an even better deal by using store credit. 
“Don’t you have some literature? I’m always looking for that,” one bookseller wanted to know.

“My son is an English major, so he’ll be keeping the serious books. I have a lot of novels and some really good business books to rid myself of.”

“Too bad,” he replied. “There’s really no market for that stuff.”

A couple of friends have told me that they are no longer buying physical books, just eBooks. “You know that I’m a writer, don’t you?” I asked one.

“Of course I do,” she replied unhelpfully.   

My stack of slightly dog eared fiction and business references need to move on, as do some movies and really old CDs. I don’t want to throw any of it out, and I know I could donate them here and there. Really, I am counting the miles that I am moving in two short months, and want to gather whatever change for the gas tank and the occasional night in a motel for a decent shower that I can.
Putting this stuff on the internet will make for a tough way to get work done in between. I wonder if I should just advertise a “moving sale” (since I am in an apartment and cannot hold a garage sale) and advertise it all over the place.

Any suggestions? 

Darn, this is getting hard. 


Maria Unrau said...

If I read between your not so cloaked lines, is this the death knoll for written pages? When did Gutenberg invent the printing press? 1450? Since the earliest recorded writings, 27th century BC or so, man has been struggling to make the written word affordably available. And now in less than 5 years we are "closing the book" on what has taken millennia to develop. Personally, I don't mind using the e-media to work paperless (read papers, do research) but when I sit back to read for pleasure, I like to touch the page. There is something intangible to a re-cycled volume - the search, the provenance, yes even the aroma and feel. Perhaps this will change with the new generations of writers whose works will be electronic but it will always be physical paper copies of the classics for me. I hope your tomes find new homes soon.

Melissa A said...

I think the apartment sale is a good idea, especially if you only open it to people you know. You could also advertise in your building maybe?

Pam Robertson said...

Maria, I suspect it is partly an issue for physical books, as opposed to eBooks, and also an issue of how many people are really reading. When I speak with people, it's stunning how many of them don't read. I know I am biased because I love to read, raised a couple of readers, and want everyone to get something out of reading, but there are so many people who get their entertainment and leisure from a screen (television, internet) that it boggles my mind.
Melissa, I think I am going to give that a shot. I'll advertise in the building and maybe online, and see who appears.
A facebook buddy introduced me to which I think is really fabulous. You give away your books (or sell if someone wants them, LOL) and track where they end go using a tracking number from the site. I think this will at least make giving away much loved books a heck of a lot of fun!
Thanks for visiting and commenting on the blog ladies!

Anonymous said... and their sister sites for DVDs and CDs

Pam Robertson said...

Thanks for your suggestion anonymous. I had no problem getting rid of the movies and music - it was books I was challenged by. I joined which at least made the process lots of fun. :D