What's New?

Wow, the time is sure flying and although I have not been here on Blogger much, I am on the ‘net in other places. My lack of blogging reflects a desire that any posts here bring you something valuable, and that it is also engaging to read. I write practically every day, and lately, by the time I am thinking about my blog, I am on the phone coaching someone, or working at the sewing machine, my craft table, or a needle and thread. 

What's new? Well, I am working on providing more coaching which puts me in more regular touch with people, and also helps my clients to realize their dreams and goals. People put a lot of attention into things like choosing homes and buying cars, but I still maintain that a lot of us have this “throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks” approach to finding a job and achieving their career goals. We apply on every opening we may or may not be qualified for. We look for any chance to get our foot in the door somewhere, anywhere, even if we know it's a job that we're really not going to be able to engage in. Instead, I advocate working with someone who can help you to figure out what you want, and then go and get it. This takes a plan, and tools and resources that help you to get what you're after. Since it’s nearly Spring, I am even offering a coaching special! Details are here.

I’ve also established a business that is designed to help people get the tools and resources they need to make being away from work more satisfying and more fun! Ladybird Files is a family business, and we want to help today’s families, whether that involves families that are couples with no kids, families with kids or grandparents at home, blended families, or families with pets, single adults who come from a family, families with pets, and every possibility in between. We’ve got a Facebook page set up here and are now selling on Etsy too! You’ll find a few goodies listed now and plenty more to follow, from this link.  

I hope that you’ll join me on these new adventures, and look forward to hearing from you here, on Facebook, or Twitter, by email, or phone, wherever your journey is taking you!

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