Time to Celebrate!

Tomorrow is officially Administrative Professionals Day, which takes me back to some of my early jobs. My first admin role was as a clerk in the Canadian Armed Forces reserves, where they hired me for a full time stint in the regimental office. My sergeant wanted me to complete as many administrative levels as I could while there, and had me doing all kinds of clerical work in between typing like a mad fiend on the new electric typewriter the unit had purchased so that I could improve my skills. I clicked and clacked away and eventually got the hang of typing as the carriage returned, because that IBM Selectric had a very sophisticated feature that included some memory so that you could type ahead. This was an administrative revolution at the time (1983) and is really not all that terribly long ago. I also learned to fire a pistol in that job, a skill that I still appreciate today.

A couple of years – and a lifetime of experience later – I was up to my eyeballs in maps and books as I went to work at the local planning office. There, I could pour over aerial maps and neighbourhood development plans at will in between printing off plans on a great big smelly developer.

I learned plenty about myself in those jobs, not the least of which was that I needed some additional education in order to boost my earning power and get wherever the heck I was going. They provided tremendous experience in administrative skills, some of the most important of which included getting organized.

Hats off to all the administrative professionals that we all, and even those we don’t. You keep things running smoothly all over the world, and I appreciate your efforts. Enjoy your week, and if you are not recognized tomorrow for whatever horrible reason that might be, get out and treat yourself to something you really like. We cannot do it without you!

Here’s a fun article about an increase in the use of the term “secretary” in the past few years.

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