Moving Right Along!

So I did it! I sold all my stuff, moved my son to a new city, and moved myself across the country. The process took several weeks, but I can finally say that I feel like I am getting settled into my relatively new place, finding my way through unexplored neighbourhoods, and reconnecting with people that I have not seen or spoken with very often in the past five years.

Man with a horse drawn wagon outside of the Field Columbian Museum
Preparation for move to new Field Museum. 1920.
When I was younger, moving was a pretty exciting adventure. And I moved a lot, so new places and new people was what it was all about. This time, however, we seemed to be moving at the peak of summer heat and so it was less exciting in some ways more an exercise in finding cool places. I’d jump into the car to take stuff to the donation centre and soak up some air conditioning, and then go home to sell/pack/sort some more. Then in the new places, we spent much of the day being folded over to put together all those cabinets from the do-it-yourself place that shall remain nameless but has the market on allen keys completed cornered, hang curtains, and clean up messes other people left behind. WE took regular breaks to cool off – at the movie theatre, the grocery store, and occasional restaurant where the air conditioning was cranked up.  

Things have not stopped since I got back to Edmonton in early August. My sister and I are living together in a cosy townhouse (yes, that means small), and on weekends since arriving we have been working on a range of projects, from gardening, to estate sales, to painting, to jam making, and setting things up. In the meantime, we've also gone through two or three versions of a strategic plan, done a soft launch of the upgraded business, and started networking. And since we are into September and that is always a time that I want to be at school, I enrolled in a course. Not just any course, either, but a stare you in the face, stretch your boundaries and scare yourself by stretching yourself and work with blogging phenom and author Chris Brogan.

My goal is to become a better blogger (and certainly a more frequent one). You'll see some of my homework show up here if it offers something for you, and I encourage you to jump in and contribute to the conversation here or share information that your friends and colleagues might find helpful. After all, blogging takes place in a very social space, and sharing it with all of you is both my pleasure, and a way for me to grow as a writer.

What are you doing these days to move ahead with your plans or stretch yourself?


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