Let's Get Something Started - Sending Mail

It’s nearly Spring here, I promise. Yes, there are swirling snow flurries, a stiff north wind, and while no one particularly wants to be out in this, it Is April 20 and spring officially started a month ago! Normally by this time of year I want to start spring cleaning, but I got rid of most of my stuff this time last year, and that makes it a quick and easy job this time around.  

While dusting, I came across some notecards that I picked up at Michael’s a few weeks ago. I always like to have some on hand, and from time to time would send a handful of them off in the mail – one for someone having a birthday, one for Nana in the nursing home, one for my parents from time to time. I have not sent many cards at all in the last year – I feel like it’s been too busy, but as I put my hands on those cards today, I sat down to write a few. People love to get mail. I love to make people smile, and so it’s a win win.

My sister makes a lot of cards, and I have done so in the past. It’s a lot of fun, they are personal, and that makes them even better than ever. These days we are also considering some designs to use for the business, a project that is creative, exciting, and a tad costly, too!
When was the last time you sent someone something personal in the mail? I am going to drop my envelopes into the mailbox tomorrow. I have some really cute one cent stamps with ladybirds on them that I’ll stick on just for fun, too.
Ladybird Stamps

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