How Many Times?

Sometimes I wonder about things far longer than I should, and let things go on just a little longer than good sense tells me is necessary. Today, I will stop that. I've been in a holding pattern with someone for about three weeks, and though I am normally slow to anger, I've certainly reached a point of frustration. It's not that I have not heard from the person, because I have received several messages and yesterday a phone call with messages including "sorry" "apologies" and "I'll get it to you tomorrow."

I wanted to work with this individual because there is potential to really help his company grow, there is potential reward for me, and there are several people involved. So, I kept extending courtesy and understanding, and now the deadline has passed again and I am cheesed off.

I know what is at the heart of my problem: I always teach my business clients to stop working for free, and in this case I was working for free (albeit on spec of a return on my invested time which up to this point is about 20 hours). A foolish decision on my part, and one I am off to remedy right now, thanks in part to some inspiration I gained in reading a post by Chris Lema (you can read Chris' post here).

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