It Starts With An Idea

I cannot count how many people I have spoken with over the years who have genius ideas that capture their hearts and then some go off and do the work, but a vast number of those ideas die of neglect and starvation. The exception to the untoward demise comes in bright lights and bold strokes made by a couple of ladies I am getting to know quite well.

I was conducting a workshop about a month ago, and inspiring participants to take action on their marketing plans to get their businesses growing. In my follow up email and conversations with people, there are all kinds of seeds growing, and two women in particular stand out.  Shirley Borrelli, who works as an Image Consultant and Style Genius, and Dorothy Briggs, who works as a Publisher and Promoter.

During the workshop, Shirley and Dorothy had a chat about "doing something together" and since they are both go-getters that something has blossomed into a real thing. On September 6, 2013 they're co-hosting BizBrigade's "Cultivate Your Success" with a full day conference featuring TedTalk style presentations on every aspect of making more out of your business. I'll be there too, speaking about Social Media, although since this is a group of very smart women, I won't be delivering any kind of run of the mill, "this is Facebook/Twitter and let's not ignore Google+". No way.

You can get details about the conference at this link, , where you'll also see that the full day including lunch can be yours for just $35! If you're interested, get on it right away. I think they may just sell out!

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