A Cat Story - Seriously?

I know what you're thinking - Pam has lost it and is now writing about cats. But honestly, I am feeling sorry for the cat today. She arrived last night after a very long flight and under sedation (she really travels well that way), to be greeted by the dogs. Not just Paycee, the giant Rottweiller she met last year, but also Sprocket, the Sheltie puppy. Paycee understands that cats are very particular and should not be trifled with. Sprocket thinks she is a toy and should respond to his playful spirit with treats and plenty of attention. Sprocket has a lot to learn. Allegro, a five year old tabby-and-something or other kind of cat, will be here for about six weeks, so she has time to teach Allegro. Or not.I think we had better get her some more treats so that she doesn't kill 'im. She looks cute and soft and cuddly, but she has the heart of a mountain lion.

As for me, I am just really glad my son is here at the same time. We've already had coffee, shakes, and a chat over breakfast.

Two days and counting to the wedding, and my official start with another title to my name - mother-in-law. Here's to the future!

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