To Blog or Not to Blog

It's a funny thing that we can write a blog and decide how much to let out into the public domain and how much to hold back. Some bloggers are deeply personal, airing lots of ups and downs about their lives and work. I like those blogs. Angela at Five on Nine Farm writes such a blog, and so does Cathryn at Catherine Caffeinated. They are both writers who are very different in style and both very honest and real. I love their blogs, and highly recommend them to you. 

I don't let a whole lot of real life out onto my blog, although sometimes I am sorely tempted. I often blog as  one of those "write to help a reader out" people, and I quash the more personal stuff. I am going to try and quash some of the inhibitions about exposing myself and see if what I write will connect me more to people. Real people. Like you. Surely that will help grow my readership of 23 people and if not, well, I'll be a better blogger at any rate. 

Much of the work I will be doing in the next 12 months will be about helping people carve their spaces out in the digital space, which is nicely presented at Robertson Digital Media, though I am not going to blog about it just yet. And the business pieces can now be housed at a new blog that I am writing with Shirley Borrelli, separating some of the business things from the rest of the living I do. Entrepreneurial Success Kit gets that informative, business voice.

Let's have a go, shall we?


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