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A few years ago I started to write seriously, and was also blogging (for other people mostly). I took a course with Chris Brogan, who at the time was really gaining steam in the writing and digital world, and is now a best-selling author, popular blogger, and the founder of Owner Magazine. Every year he frames what he is going to do around three words instead of using long goal statements, and then he shares those words out loud. That’s why I am writing this today – to share the idea, and my three words.

When you are ready to create your three words - whether you do it in January or July - you’ll see how powerful this concept is for goal setting. You have to select words that are specific to you, that resonate with you, and even shake your foundation a little.

If you decide to choose three words this year, I hope you will let me know what they are. Instead of vision boards or resolutions, let’s be part of a 3-word celebration!

Let me know what your words are so I can help you be reminded of them, and we can celebrate your 2015. You can email me, or if you really want to have fun, share them on Twitter, where you'll find me as @PamRobertson.

Here are my three words:

In the last few years I had this mantra: “Eat to live instead of live to eat.” I still like it, but it’s too long and often too far away from the front of my mind. I’ve enjoyed two protein shakes a day for the last two years, and I am much healthier and energetic for doing so, down three sizes and weighing less than I have in the last 20 years but still struggling with food, what I put in my mouth. So this year I am simply going to make sure that anytime I am at the Farmer’s Markets (which I love) or at the grocery store, I come home with fruit. It’ll be a colourful, ready to eat example of what I want (and I started with this over the holidays and have not regretted it nor gained one pound, so this is good).

When people speak of plans, strategy, and accountability it can get me going. I know that in order to grow my business results I need to reach more people, but I need to reach them in meaningful, transformative ways. In the past couple of years I focussed on providing people inexpensive, easy ways for them to work with me and the result was me working 18 hours a day at least six days a week in order to meet my targets (which I missed last year, big surprise). So this year will be about reaching the right people, more often, and more meaningfully so that we all get what we want.

This is on my mind a lot lately, and so I want to spend some time working on it this year. I’ve moved a lot over my life, and made several shifts in the last decade. I’ve lived from one side to the other across Canada, and even spent some time up North. I lived in England for a year growing up as a kid. Most of my family lives in the middle of the prairies which, while I love to see them as much as I can, I know it is not the place geographically that I want to stay in. The winters are too cold, too long, and too damned icy, while the summers are not quite what I am after either. But I honestly have yet to find a place that I feel as though I could stay in forever (although the coast comes very close to that). Instead, I try to create little areas in my home that make me feel the feelings I want to feel. Looking at the fairy garden my sister made me for Christmas is a good start…it’s a beach scene. See the flip flops?

What are your three words? 

I especially like what Chris has to say about the word “plan”. Check it out! And, you can read Owner Magazine's Rob Hatch's words here

If you’d like some details about how to work with me this year so we can make your dreams a reality, let's do it. Coaching is a serious undertaking and I don’t work with everyone who asks although I have at least one conversation with everyone who is seeking help. My goal is to coach 100 people this year - that ought to create some big ripples for 2015. Check out the details here



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