Diabetes 18 Years In

I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in my 30s. I figured that if I kept my numbers in check I'd be fine. Somewhere along the road I forgot about the fact it is a progressive disease, one that in the last year has been a real thorn as I lost my grip on numbers, started gaining weight again, and started seeing my blood levels rise. 

After months of procrastinating, I went to have a chat with my doc. This family doc is new to me, so our conversation was a little bumpy. 

"If you were 80," he said in a very direct tone, "I could accept these numbers. But not at 49."

I have had a couple of epiphanies speaking with nutritionists, a nurse, a few diabetic pals, as well as a couple of doctors since my numbers started to climb. I had always looked at my diabetes as managed as long as my numbers stayed below the threshold but when you are maxed on meds, up walking with the birds 4 days a week, eating mostly right, and the numbers climb, things are no longer manageable, and certainly not easy. 

Back to basics it is, and the diabetic nurse on Wednesday. In the interim, every trick in the book is being called on. 

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