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So there's this thing I started, which is recording videos so that you can access me in more than one way - pick up the phone and call; email; join my awesome yet sometimes cheeky newsletter; join me for outstanding, results oriented coaching, or take a course (you'll see course links in the right margins of the blog if you are looking directly on Blogger, but if you're on mobile or any other platform, they could be anywhere -- visit the website to see them on the Learning Portal and make it easy on yourself).

These videos will start short - under 5 minutes - as I get a handle on the tech pieces, but also short, because this morning I was standing outside in the garden and it was about 5 degrees Celsius! Brr! End of May we expect a little more, but I digress...

I hope you will stay tuned. I am going to record videos of helpful topics that help you to LIVE and WORK INSPIRED. Like this one, which gives you a great tip on managing that working from home thing. If you find that these videos would be helpful to your friends and followers, please share them.

I am building a topic list, so if there are topics you'd like to see that will help you create the life you want or to build a better business, or to do better at work, let me know in the comments.I'm here to help, and your participation means I can give you what you need when you need or want it.

Have an awesome everything!

P.S. You can do this! Getting sorted out on what you want and why you do it will help you to achieve more success at a higher rate of speed than if you keep flinging everything you’ve got at the wall just to see what sticks.


I have created several courses to help people work best online, as well as a 90-day Business Acceleration Plan which is part of a coaching program. If you’re ready to accelerate your results, and create a bigger, bolder business, have a look at the Learning Portal and sign up today, or reach out by email and together we can work out the best starting place for you right now. 
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