Get Out of Overwhelm Easily and Permanently!

Lately I've been attaching some goodies with each newsletter to entice people to step in and create the circumstances in your life to help you live bigger, more boldly, or simply to get what you want. They've received things about goal setting and achievement, motivation, and mindset, but I realize I have not also been sharing these things on the blog. (Not sure why...brain fart most likely). Today, I'm writing to you about the Big O

Not that O, for those of you who went there. This O...Overwhelm

In the past two weeks I've been coaching people who work in industries where the currency exchange, price of oil, and changes to employment legislation are having a BIG impact, and in most every case that impact hits their bank account hard.There's been lots of buzz about people being laid off laid off or having their hours or salaries cut back, and because they're my clients, most of them also have a business that is in start-up or growth mode too! Are you seeing this in the work you do? Is it impacting you or your family?

If so, this article is especially for you, and you can use the Forward link below to share it with your friends or family who might benefit. 

Get Free From Overwhelm
First of all, grab a notebook or print this post off and write all over the back. 
Next, set a timer for 10 minutes, and write a list of all the things that are on your mind right now and that you have to get done (the to do list in your head). Include everything, but stop when the timer goes off. Your list can include anything you should be doing, including tasks like laundry, gardening, packing lunches, and cleaning the loo. You can include meeting your goals at work (list them out!) going to meetings, making calls, taking a class, sending that donation, cleaning out that drawer, filing your taxes.  

Take a deep breath and look at your work. Don't get too attached to it, because we're going to lighten the load right quick!

Next, I want you to make a big, bold line and cross out all the things on that list that are not within your control. I know this might bug you to have to cross them off, but if you spend energy on things you can't control, you are contributing to overwhelming yourself. Cross them out! Go!

How was that? Are you doing okay?

One of the problems in the "cross it out" exercise is that you may be tempted to leave things on there that you think you should do. This includes things like, "I should be closer to my Facebook friends." Listen, you cannot control how your friends feel about you. if your Facebook friends (or your siblings, or friends from school, or your Aunt Hazel) are not the people who are in your life and make your life better for being there, then there is no need to get closer to them, right? If they are negative, cranky, energy sucking people, you don't need to be closer to them. Cross the items related to "those people" off your list. Feel good about it. Feel your load lighten as you do this. 

Now, if there is a friend or family member you want to get closer to, this is where you take control. You control how often you meet with them, where you go, and where you want to commit some energy. Want a better relationship with your sister? Instead of looking at the issue as being in her control, ask her out to lunch, or send her a note in the mail. Those are things you control. 

Next, I want you to look at things on your list that give you nothing. These are the things that make you shrug your shoulders and think, "Meh, I've got nothing for this one." These things are also taking your energy and contributing to your overwhelm. Cross them off the list. **One caveat here: if the things that you feel nothing for include things outside your control that you must do (like filing your taxes, or painting the siding on your house, or taking the snack to soccer practice, see below).  

So now you've written the list, crossed off the things you can't control, and crossed off the things that don't add value.

The **caveat part
If there are things on your list that are sucking the life out of you (doing my bookkeeping comes to mind), then you have to find something about the task you can make yourself like, or appreciate, and work that in. So, when it comes to catching up on my bookkeeping, this means I celebrate getting all the bits to my assistant for organizing and filing (stuff that she loves to do). It also means getting excited that there is money in the bank account to pay my taxes with. Do you see what I mean? Although these are tasks I don't particularly like, I can get them done by working on my mindset about them. This is a very effective way to reduce the negativity that accompanies them for me.

So here we are, and you're reducing your overwhelm already! Awesome! You should have a beautiful list with lots of lines through it. The items that are leftover are there for you to schedule, prioritize, and step into!  

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