Something to Spice Up Your Workday

I work from home, so if I want to talk with people I have to make a conscious decision to connect online or get out of the house. I meet interesting people online and out of the house, but I am in the midst of writing about conversation for a project, so I figured getting out was a good idea.

As usual, the characters in my city abound and today they didn't disappoint. 

Like the clerk at the post office who didn’t know how to scan my discount card for sending parcels, so said she wasn’t going to worry about it. I don't know if it was the expression on my face when I said it or not, but she changed her tune when I sweetly told her I’d wait while she could work it out, because that’s how I get a discount plus $100 worth of insurance.

Then there was the clerk at the grocery store who could only tell her customers that she had been working really hard on keeping the tills online, as if we’re her supervisors…though I suspect it could have something to do with her supervisor not noticing how hard she was working.

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Since this was fairly late in the afternoon, most of the shoppers were stopping to pick up things on their way home from work. The overwhelming majority looked tired, harried, or preoccupied.

I was reminded about some writing I did to help people get more out of their job – really it’s a story about some of the things that I have done to make work more lovable, you know? You can download the story for free if you sign up here. Don’t worry about being bombarded – my email habits are rather irregular because I just send emails when I have helpful, good stuff to share. I cannot stand to force myself to send a weekly email just for the sake of sending one.

I'd love to hear what you think, or to know if you'd like some help on your career journey. It's not scary, and there are some simple, straightforward things you can do to get it all together and spice up your workdays. 

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