How'd I Land Here on Tech Avenue?

I work with my clients online, by phone, and through speaking at events. I started out pretty generically as a career coach for mid-life transitions, and then began helping those people set up their businesses. Since I had been managing my own business for years, this was a pretty natural transition for me.

Many of my clients start out pretty stuck. They have trouble navigating the technology and systems they need for their business. They don't understand how social media works, what the most important elements of their websites are, or how quickly email marketing has shifted.

I set up a whole stream of business focussed on digital and social media. Since then, my job has been to filter through the technical parts of tech tools to break it down for my clients and help them get ahead using digital and social media, email, and landing pages using click funnels.

Tech is hard for people, and I get that. The language is highly specialized. The tools are necessarily complex. Because I remain very curious, I can work through a lot of this or I can pick up the phone and speak with people who help me with it.

As a youngster, I remember my brother talking about learning computer science. It went in one ear and out the other for the most part, except for the idea that you could create a program that would do what you wanted. Zeroes and ones didn't make sense to me at that point, but the idea that you could build something that would make an idea come to life, made meant to me.

Flash forward about thirty years.

My ex-husband really HATED technology. He was a pencil and spreadsheet accountant who resisted digital files. He didn’t like LinkedIn, didn’t use Facebook. He didn't have a cell phone. He wouldn't even register for an account on even though he was creating these huge family trees and could have made his hobby even more fun.

You know we just had to get divorced, right?

My KIDS love tech, and grew up with it. Both of them fully accepted the idea that as technology advanced, it brought them things they liked. Phones, tablets, game systems, all kinds of keyboards, cables, and ideas; none of it has ever been off limits for them.

After that particularly nasty divorce, I moved across the country for a fresh start. In order to keep in touch with people 3000 miles away, I adopted an online lifestyle. I also got asked to write a series of courses about writing for the web, which led to social media, and more. All online. All the time.

Some of this stuff was really, very hard for me. It changes all the time. I sometimes think my menopausal brain is deliberately trying to mess me up. But I persist.

If you want to talk about incorporating digital and social media in your business, contact me directly. I answer my own phone (it gives me a nice break from being at my computer so much).

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